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Otherworldly Magical Daoist Priest is a Manga/Manhwa/Manhua in (English/Raw) language, Action series, english chapters have been translated and you can read them here. You are reading chapters on www.mangageko.com fastest updating comic site. The Summary is

The unique treasure Taiji soul stone enthralled immortals and gods, and a generation of Taoist Zhang Daoling was created to ambush and kill his sweetheart. Zhang Daoling set Yuanshen and all the immortals and gods on fire, yet he was reincarnated into a world of swords and magic thanks to the protection of the Taiji soul stone. Where will Zhang Daoling, who is embracing Taoism, travel in this magical world after becoming one of the four generals of the Storm Kingdom – the youngest son of the Dragon Blood family?

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